Rolling hills, rugby league and rollercoasters

30 Jun

Friday 24th June

I had a bit of a drive around the streets of Surfer’s on my own and managed to not crash into anything, which I view as a highly promising indication of progress. I also managed to only annoy Australians in big cars at the seemingly broken and very confusing traffic lights about three times.

Me and Phil successfully cooked corned beef for tea from scratch, then we went to see Bridesmaids and it was fantastically funny – I heartily recommend it to anyone near a cinema!

Saturday 25th June – Tumbulgum and a shocking Gold Coast Titans game

I crossed the border into New South Wales to visit Murwillumbah, which is a proper old-style Australian town. Interestingly it’s also the nearest town to the filming location of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, which really isn’t in the middle of nowhere like they try to pretend it is! The whole place had a real Wild West feel to it which was very odd! We had some cake in a little French patisserie – I had chocolate chestnut which was scrummy – and went to a rainforest museum, where I resisted the usual temptations to buy crap from the gift shop. For lunch we went to Tumbulgum, which is a small village in the Tweed Valley (essentially the Australian equivalent of the Lake District). It’s absolutely gorgeous: the houses there cost millions despite the fact it floods fairly regularly and dramatically.

The river at Tumbulgum

I feasted on calamari at the Tumbulgum Tavern – or at least attempted to; I was still very full of cake – and was very upset when we didn’t win the meat raffle. We had a leisurely drive back through the hills and I kept making Malcolm stop the car so I could get some photos of the fantastic views.

Tweed Valley view - you could see all the way back to Surfer's!

On Saturday night we went to see a Gold Coast Titans game at the stadium in Robina – my first ever live Rugby League experience. The Titans (who have plummeted to the bottom of the league) were playing the Cronulla Sharks (who are near the top of the league) so unfortunately the game was a bit of a foregone conclusion! It was very exciting though; you can see a lot better than I thought you’d be able to from the seats in the stadium, and I wore a hat and drank beer and shouted along with everyone else. The Titans’ main problem was that they kept missing their conversions, so despite having scored the same number of tries as the Sharks they were trailing something like 18-12 by half-time. Sadly they pretty much gave up in the second half and got absolutely slaughtered: they ended up losing 36-12! Definitely an experience though, despite their epic failure: next step is a game of Aussie rules, which seems much more complicated as there are more goalposts and things involved.

Sunday 26th June – MovieWorld


Me, Phil, John and Phoebe went to MovieWorld. It was heavingly busy, but after a lot of queueing and despite the continuing efforts of the rollercoaster-patrol Nazis to distract us by interrogating our pockets for potentially lethal loose bits of paper, we managed to get on all the big rides, including the Superman one which is the best thing ever 🙂 This is what happened:

We're gonna go fast... Superman Fast!

Superman second attempt - the idea was to pose for the camera but I got a bit distracted

Scooby Doo - I think this was actually a kids' ride...

Wild West log flume ride - we got SOAKED

We also went to the Harry Potter shop (once again my ability to resist the temptation to buy crap was sorely tested) and watched Batman turn up in the actual Batmobile to beat up some dancing ninjas and a scary scarecrow.  I was quite upset that Superman wasn’t there but I’m assuming he had some other equally important saving-the-world type business to attend to.

I love Australia!


One Response to “Rolling hills, rugby league and rollercoasters”

  1. Sai July 2, 2011 at 9:38 am #

    I see, so you are the type who screams while on a roller coaster.

    I usually just sit still.


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