Elective reflections (electing to reflect?!)

28 Aug

Thoughts on my elective experience: how I have “grown as a person”, “broadened my horizons” and all that other rubbish.


  • ingratiating myself in Australian culture: as far as I’ve been able to tell this mainly involves getting drunk, eating plenty of animal flesh, watching sports, being enviably laid back and apathetic as well as casually racist/sexist, and trying to act like an American whilst secretly acknowledging that you’re actually English (basically just being Richard)
  • managing not to adopt an Australian accent. Well, apart from starting to pronounce my “t”s as “d”s, and developing a definite upward inflection at the end of my sentences, which are both habits I fear will take a while to shift!
  • discovering the amazingness of: Jethro Tull, King Crimson, South Park, fatty belly tuna, soft shell crab, tangelos, lamingtons, Tim Tams, Wagyu beef, cleanskin wines, bubble tea, Nespresso coffee machines, homemade beer, Rugby League, memory foam mattresses, little Staffie dogs, bushwalking, sake, plum wine, other Japanese drinks that I forget the names of, and Queensland and the Gold Coast in general.
  • realising we should be grateful in England that we have: seasons and kinds of weather other than constant sunshine (especially snow), gloriously long summer evenings, lots of water, a lack of deadly wild animals, more than a handful of buildings over 100 years old, a culture built upon centuries rather than decades, a decent public transport network, a road system that makes logical sense, enough pavements, a relatively non-obscene amount of adverts on TV, very few tedious infomercials, decent beers and ciders that are readily available at a reasonable price, a huge variety of interesting cheeses, butter that doesn’t taste rancid, the ability to easily buy pretty much anything on the internet, much fewer Japanese tourists, a national personality based on timidity and politeness rather than brashness and bluntness, Waterstone’s, an appropriate level of political apathy, and our legendary sense of humour.

New Zealand

  • I have learned not to go to New Zealand.
  • I have learned to give New Zealand a second chance. At some point in the future. Maybe.

2 Responses to “Elective reflections (electing to reflect?!)”

  1. Sai September 16, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    Nice comment and reflections on New Zealand.

    Haven’t been able to read your blog until now.

    Will there be more posts?

    • laurajaynewatson September 17, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

      My first rotation has been pretty quiet so far, so I am somewhat devoid of exciting blog material! Hopefully things will pick up soon and I can get some more posts up 🙂
      I’m going to Allendale for my GP placement next, so there will be a travel blog about that as well! (if I have the internet…)

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