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Hooray! Other people won’t stand for this either!

23 Jul

Thought I would post this as a follow-up to my not-quite-so recent rant about racism and other forms of prejudice, as it cheered me up immensely 🙂

There was a brilliant post by The Medical Registrar on Facebook today:

Further brilliant comments in response to the post can be read here:

My personal favourite response – alongside the many jibes about the BMA being totally useless; an opinion I’m inclined to agree with given their recent actions regarding pension reform protests – was: “Doubtful he’s gonna report you to anyone. He’d probably get charged for racism.”

Which is so very, very true. Like I said in my rant, there appears to be one set of rules for patients and another for doctors and other healthcare professionals. Having just waded through my mandatory e-induction module on “Equality and Diversity” in preparation for starting my job, I can tell you that a doctor can technically be indicted for discrimination just for calling a patient “pet” or “love”. Conversely, a very small minority of the public think nothing of using abhorrent (and illegal) language like that shown above to insult a dying woman and her relatives.


“Never be a spectator to unfairness or stupidity.”

Christopher Hitchens


England is awesome!

28 Jul

For all the English out there requiring a boost in their patriotic sentiments in this time of corruption and shame, look no further than where this link takes you:

As loathe as I am to admit it, David Cameron does handle Prime Minister’s Questions well 🙂

I love Jon Stewart for giving me something to be glad about; namely that no matter how fucked things seem here, things are always infinitely more fucked in America.

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